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Ice Cube Tray with Lid

Ice Cube Tray with Lid

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Brand Name: MYVIT

Origin: Mainland China

Ice Cream Tools Type: Ice Cream Tubs

Type: Ice Cream Tools

Choice: yes

šŸ® š™„š™‰ šŸ­ š™š™Šš™š™‰š˜æ š˜¼š™‰š˜æ š™Žš™Œš™š˜¼š™š™€ š™„š˜¾š™€ š˜¾š™š˜½š™€š™Ž : The ice tray can make both round ice cubes and square ice cubes at the same time, multi-functional blue ice boxes for various choices, 2-in-1 combination design set includes 2 ice cube trays with lids + one Ice Scooper + Ice Cube Box, Freeze your ice cubes and pour them into ice containers for easy access, each ice cube tray set contains everything you need to make ice in your freezer!

š™„š˜¾š™€ š˜¾š™š˜½š™€š™Ž š™š™Šš™Šš˜æ š™‚š™š˜¼š˜æš™€ & š™Žš˜¼š™š™€: Round square ice cubes 2-in-1 ice cube trays are made of high-quality food-grade materials. BPA Free! Our 3 pcs ice tray set adopts better material and design, making the ice trays stronger and more durable, much more convenient than traditional silicone, odorless and non-toxic. They're safe, long-lasting, and perfect for all your freezing needs!

šŸ® š™„š™‰ šŸ­ š™š™Šš™š™‰š˜æ š™Žš™Œš™š˜¼š™š™€ š™‹š™€š™š™š™€š˜¾š™ š™Žš™ƒš˜¼š™‹š™€: Our ice cube trays are uniquely designed to make each round square ice cube rule perfect. Just pour water into the bottom all at once, then put the top back in place. Then place the ice molds in the freezer for at least 4 hours. Freeze ice cubes and pour them into ice trays for easy access (2 trays make 66 balls at a time)

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